Preview of articles for the week of 12/2/13:

Welcome to a new week! Here is a quick preview of what you can expect from my blog this week! Hope the articles entice you and pique your interest. If some of them don’t, give me a chance and see if I can sway you. 🙂 


Monday Morning DM: Every week I’m going to give a basic overview of what kind of Dungeons & Dragons campaign I’m running, and some things I learned from my last session as a Dungeon Master, as well as some helpful tips for beginning DMs to consider when they want to get behind the screen and start running a game of their own. Lastly, I’ll explain some helpful nuances I’ve put into the game I’m running to make 4th edition have a completely new feel to it. Get your character sheets ready!

Textbook Tuesday: Every week I’ll examine a chapter of the book I am reading for pleasure. Yes, it is book (singular) because I am a busy college student. For the next few weeks, I’ll be analyzing Ken Ham’s “The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years.” This week in particular I’ll be studying the Introduction and the first chapter of the book. Please come and study with me!

Wednesday Riftwalk: Every week I’ll dive into the world of League of Legends and examine an issue in the game that really piques my (and hopefully yours) interests. This week I’ll be talking about the things that I’ve grown to love in the game, and what I look forward to seeing for the rest of the preseason. I’m really looking forward to your insights on this one.

Theology Thursday: Every week I’ll do my best to explain a different aspect of theology, or the thoughts of theologians that have shaped Christian thought today. The goal of this will be for the reader, Christian or non-Christian, to gain an accurate and clear understanding of what the Bible actually teaches and why we read and understand the Bible the way we do. This week I’ll be talking about Bibliology. There’s no point in talking about doctrine of any kind unless we actually know why we can believe the text that we read. The purpose of this post will be to explain what Bibliology is, the internal and external evidence for the Bible’s accuracy, the history of how we got the Bible we have today, and why the Bible is reliable from Christian and non-Christian sources. This is pivotal! Please give it a read!

Family Friday: Every week I’ll look at an issue that is important for families everywhere, examining how if affects Christian and secular households. This will obviously be from the perspective of a husband and father, and more importantly from a Christian perspective. This week I’ll be talking about marriage and how it looks from both sides. I’ll also look at what single people expect, should expect, and should look forward to when it comes to this wonderful institution. Get your copybooks ready!



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